I have years of audio engineering experience. I specialize in music production, mixing and mastering, and songwriting. I will change the sound of your song so that it has that professional sound ready for streaming distribution. 

There are some sellers that offer just mastering or just mixing and maybe some sfx for their basic Gigs. I offer both mixing and mastering with sfx and a HQ wav audio file for my basic $50 gig package because I invest quality time and won't rush through what you provide. 

I will: 

  • mix your vocals so they sit right in the instrumental 
  • tune your vocals + Autotune (Antares)
  • EQ, Compress, & add Reverb to your vocals
  • clean up audio, if necessary
  • add special effects processing to your track where I think it's necessary (flanger, chorus, doubling, delays, etc.)
  • master your track so that it is competitive on streaming platforms 

Please Note: 

  • for best result send .mp3 or .wav files (preferably .wav) 

I am at your service, so feel free to place an order now.

All proceeds go to Red Horizon Records

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Contact me below with your questions and concerns about the mixing process and pricing.